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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for Muscle Pain

When muscle pain does not resolve on its own, it’s important to seek out a physician that specializes in the musculoskeletal system. Physiatrists (specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) are nerve, muscle, and bone specialists who concentrate on pain management and rehabilitation. Treatment for muscle pain may involve any of the following practices:

• Physical Therapy;
• Massage Therapy;
• Acupuncture; and/or
• Trigger Point Injections: For some patients, muscle pain can be a debiliatating experience that makes it difficult to withstand normal rehabilitative practices (as outlined above). Others simply do not respond to treatment, and continue to experience pain. For such patients, trigger point injections are an excellent option. Trigger Point Injections involve the use of a local anesthetic and/or cortisone, which is injected in trigger points—extremely painful areas of muscle.