Pain Management and Rehabilitation for Monmouth County Auto Accident Injuries and Neck Pain

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation offers a system of auto accident rehabilitation unlike any other. Our pain management office provides:

• Treatment plans that may include medical care, minimally invasive interventional pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture;

• Alternatives to traumatic (and often ineffective) surgeries;

• Strategies for reducing drug use for pain relief; and

• An emphasis on restoring the body its normal (pre-accident) condition while building strength to prevent future pain and injury.

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Neck Pain and Auto Accidents

Neck pain is a common response to an auto accident. Even the most minor of crashes can damage the soft tissues of the cervical spine (the neck). Whiplash is one example of a neck injury that often occurs during an auto accident. In whiplash cases, the cervical spine is directly damaged from a sudden or traumatic distortion of the neck. Neck pain after an auto accident may also be a secondary symptom of another auto accident injury—such as a herniated disc.

Other symptoms of injuries to the cervical spine include pain in the arms, upper back, or shoulders; tingling or numbness; and/or headaches. For some patients, neck pain may be severe enough to make basic movement, such as turning the head, impossible. Daily activities or athletic participation may be curtailed. Fortunately, there are a number of healthy, non-surgical methods of dealing with neck pain that can relieve suffering and get the body back in normal motion.

Pain Management for Neck Pain

After an auto accident, the symptoms of a neck injury may not be immediately apparent. This is particularly true when it comes to soft tissue injuries such as whiplash. Nevertheless, such injuries, when left untreated, can cause long-term physical injury and a lowered quality of life through chronic pain.

It’s important to seek medical attention after any auto accident, even minor crashes. The far-reaching consequences of damage to the spine cannot be underestimated. Neglecting to find care raises the possibility of future surgical intervention or the dangers of long-term painkiller usage.

The Medical Director at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has a wide range of treatment options at his disposal to help patients recover and rehabilitate from neck injuries. There is no reason to continue suffering long after an accident has occurred, and there is truly no valid case for allowing a crash to affect the rest of your life.

The following types of care are offered at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation as part of a program of pain management and rehabilitation for auto accident-related neck pain in Monmouth County:

Physical Therapy for neck pain caused by an auto accident may include programs of Therapeutic Exercise designed to restore the body’s range of motion, strength, flexibility, and stability. Other PT practices used in our office include hot and cold therapies; low level laser therapy (to facilitate healing and reduce scar tissue formation); ultrasound (which boosts the healing process); and electrotherapy (technology that assists with tissue repair).

Spinal Decompression Traction gently stretches the spine, thereby mobilizing the area and alleviating the pressure on spinal nerves that is causing pain. Traction is also useful in resolving disc injuries.

Acupuncture is a drug-free method of naturally reducing neck pain and emotional anxieties after an auto accident.

Chiropractic Care for neck pain is used to restore the normal curvature of the neck to reduce pain, facilitate healing, and ensure the total health of the body.

Minimally invasive interventional procedures—such as Corticosteroid Spinal Injections—can provide long-lasting pain relief. In some cases, an anesthetic numbing agent may be used. This pain management tactic is used so that patients may be able to participate in programs of physical therapy and/or chiropractic without suffering extreme pain.

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