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Neptune, NJ Pain Management

Why is Pain Management Important?

The human body evolved in such a way that it created a special mechanism—pain—to help keep away from danger. Pain is essential; it is responsible for alerting the body when something has gone wrong.

On the other hand, severe and long-term pain can be extremely stressful for the body. Pain and inflammation are part of the body’s natural defense against disease or injury. However, when pain is ignored or treated improperly, nerve fibers may become more adept at delivering pain signals. With time, the brain (where pain is experienced) becomes more sensitive to these signals and therefore experiences more pain. Additionally, long-term inflammation can actually destroy healthy tissue and negatively affect the workings of the immune system.

Many pain management practices can also be stressful for the body. In particular, unnecessary surgeries and long-term drug use can be extremely harmful. This is why Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is proud to offer Neptune, NJ pain management patients an alternative—a non-surgical approach to pain management that uses Medical Care and Physical Therapy to help patients get well without inflicting further damage on the body. Additionally we offer Acupuncture (an excellent tool for reducing pain and anxiety) as well as Chiropractic care. In this way, patients can find all of the very best healthcare practitioners in one location.

Too many people are needlessly living with pain, whether it is experienced in the back, neck, or other area. It’s time to seek out healthy, conservative ways to manage pain, rehabilitate, and live the longest, healthiest lives possible.