Neptune, NJ Pain Management

Why is Pain Management Important?

The human body evolved in such a way that it created a special mechanism—pain—to help keep away from danger. Pain is essential; it is responsible for alerting the body when something has gone wrong.

On the other hand, severe and long-term pain can be extremely stressful for the body. Pain and inflammation are part of the body’s natural defense against disease or injury. However, when pain is ignored or treated improperly, nerve fibers may become more adept at delivering pain signals. With time, the brain (where pain is experienced) becomes more sensitive to these signals and therefore experiences more pain. Additionally, long-term inflammation can actually destroy healthy tissue and negatively affect the workings of the immune system.

Many pain management practices can also be stressful for the body. In particular, unnecessary surgeries and long-term drug use can be extremely harmful. This is why Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is proud to offer Neptune, NJ pain management patients an alternative—a non-surgical approach to pain management that uses Medical Care and Physical Therapy to help patients get well without inflicting further damage on the body. Additionally we offer Acupuncture (an excellent tool for reducing pain and anxiety) as well as Chiropractic care. In this way, patients can find all of the very best healthcare practitioners in one location.

Too many people are needlessly living with pain, whether it is experienced in the back, neck, or other area. It’s time to seek out healthy, conservative ways to manage pain, rehabilitate, and live the longest, healthiest lives possible.

What is Conservative Pain Management?

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, we believe in the body’s ability to heal itself. Treatment begins with the most conservative methods possible. Our Medical Doctor coordinates with physical therapists to create rehabilitation programs that address both pain and the cause of pain. We also use natural methods of pain relief, including acupuncture, to help patients begin to heal.

At our multi-disciplinary pain management and rehabilitation facility, we have incorporated a medical staff specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). This medical specialty focuses on the non-surgical treatment of many painful conditions, including disc problems, headaches, numbness, and tingling as well as sports injuries and auto accident injuries.

Our medical office works hard to reduce the need for drug use. However, we recognize that some cases require short-term relief in order for the body to begin the healing process. In such cases, our Medical Director may recommend and perform any one of a number of corticosteroid injections for pain relief. These injections may include facet joint injections (for such conditions as arthritis), trigger point injections (used for muscle pain or fibromyalgia), or epidural steroid injections (in cases of lower back pain or disc injuries).

What Conditions are Treated at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation?

Our office provides treatment for a number of physical ailments. Because we offer such a wide range of services under one roof, we are able to help patients with an array of painful and unhealthy problems. For example, while we are primarily a pain management and rehabilitation facility, we also offer a Quit Smoking Now program. This smoking cessation system helps patients lead healthier, longer lives through acupuncture. We can also help with the following conditions:

Neptune NJ Auto Accident Injuries Leg Pain/Hip Pain
Whiplash Ankle Sprains
Neck Pain/Back Pain Sinus/Respiratory Problems
Herniated Disc Tendonitis
Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sports Injury Treatment for Neptune NJ Tingling/Numbness
Anxiety/Depression/Addiction Chronic Pain
Scoliosis/Posture Hypertension

Reducing Pain, Improving Mobility, and Increasing Quality of Life for Neptune’s Pain Management Patients

Our multi-disciplinary pain management and rehabilitation facility exhausts every possible method to help the body heal itself. Our basic goals are to help patients manage pain with healthy methods while addressing the causes of pain.

For example, our physical therapy department often uses Spinal Decompression. This treatment actually corrects herniated discs by creating a vacuum-like effect that pulls herniated disc material back into its shell. This takes the pressure off of nerves (thereby alleviating pain) and allows the spinal disc’s outer shell to heal.

For Neptune NJ rehabilitation and pain management, please feel free to contact our office to learn more or to schedule time for a consultation.