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Medical Care for Neuropathy in Monmouth & Ocean County: Physiatry for Pain and Symptom Management

Early diagnosis and treatment is essential for patients with neuropathy. It’s important to seek medical attention as quickly as possible when any of the above symptoms are present; this action may help to control symptoms and prevent additional damage to the nerves.

Physiatrists are specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). This type of doctor helps patients with chronic disease, pain, and disability. The purpose of treatment with a PM&R doctor is to relieve pain, increase functioning, and prevent further injury.

At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, our Medical Director (a Physiatrist) acts as the head of a team of specialists that includes physical therapists. Basically, this medical doctor designs and implements pain management and rehabilitation programs for neuropathic patients.

For example, a physical therapy program may be used in cases of neuropathy that involve muscle pain and weakness. Working in conjunction with our Physiatrist, a physical therapist may implement an exercise program designed to help patients maintain mobility and strength.

Some patients with neuropathy require the use of assistive devices such as a walker or wheelchair. Physiatrists can help these patients learn to use these devices, and provide support for the accompanying emotional challenges of dealing with pain, lifestyle changes, and treatment. A Physiatrist may also prescribe medications to reduce the pain associated with neuropathy.