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In body Scale
The InBody body composition assessment is widely used by the NFL. This unique technology has the ability to
Inbody Result Sheet provides a comprehensive, easy to read assessment of body composition. It also includes detailed graphs and recommended ranges clearly illustrate patient’s results, progress and targets.
Body Composition, can be determined by measuring total body water, dry lean mass and body fat compared against normal range values.
The In Body machine can also help determine body composition analysis which includes weight, skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass compared against normal range values.
Obesity Analysis, body mass index (BMI) and percentage body fat (PBF) compared against normal range values. Segmental Lean Analysis, measures the distribution of lean body mass throughout 5 regions of the body, ration of segmental lean mass.
Body Fat Mass and LBM is measured and is the recommended change in body fat mass and lean body mass.