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Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries

Chiropractic care is an extremely common treatment modality for the most prevalent auto accident injuries—and with good reason. The sudden, traumatic effects of a car crash can have a serious impact on the health of the spine. Because chiropractic is the field of health specializing in disorders of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), proper care ensures that all functions of the body are in working order.
For example, whiplash can seriously distort the shape and functioning of the cervical spine (neck), leading to pain and a number of other symptoms. Back pain, particularly in the form of herniated or bulged discs, is another painful condition often caused by the abrupt shock of an auto accident.

Whiplash and Chiropractic: Whiplash occurs in auto accidents in which the neck experiences a sudden, traumatic distortion, such as when a vehicle has been hit from behind. As with all auto accident injuries, whiplash must be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid chronic pain in the future.

Chiropractic care treats both the symptoms and the cause of whiplash. It works by correcting the actual cause of symptoms by ensuring the proper alignment of the cervical spine. In this process, chiropractic adjustments reduce pain and inflammation while increasing postural movement.

Back Injuries: Many auto accident victims experience back pain. This symptom usually occurs as the result of herniated or bulged discs. The discs of the spine act as cushions between the vertebrae of the spine. When enough trauma or force is applied (such as in an auto accident), the outer shell of this cushion may tear, allowing the soft, inner portion to bulge out and cause pain, numbness, tingling, or other sensory changes.

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, we offer gentle chiropractic adjustments to the injured area, which would likely be used in conjunction with spinal decompression as well as other progressive physical therapy techniques.