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Numbness Treatment in Shrewsbury, Wall, & Lacey NJ

Quite often, patients experience numbness or weakness that triggers sensations of ‘pins and needles’ with no long term physical effect. Numbness and tingling in the limbs can be a direct cause of pressure that is being applied to the nerves or from conditions such as sciatica, arthritis, disc problems, trauma, or tendonitis.

Subluxations in the spine are common causes of compressed or irritated nerves causing numbness and tingling in different areas of the body. Those who experience numbness and tingling in the shoulder and/or throughout the arm, hands, or fingers may have pressure on the nerve roots in the cervical spine. Others may experience numbness throughout the ribcage or mid back as a result of nerve pressure in the thoracic spine. Pressured nerves in the lumbar spine often cause numbness and tingling in the low back area which may travel down to the leg or foot. Chiropractors can relieve impinged nerves in the spine which cause numbness with chiropractic care.