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Oceanport NJ Pain Management

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is at the forefront of modern pain management. By changing the basic treatment model for the traditional pain management process, we are now offering our Oceanport pain management patients a system of care unlike any other.

When our practice first began over ten years ago, our founder recognized the limitations of pain management and rehabilitation. It was his goal to overcome these unnecessary limitations and create a rehabilitation facility in which patients could find relief from pain; increase mobility, flexibility, and strength; and find solutions to a wide variety of injuries, illnesses, and disabilities.

The following is a general guideline to the innovative system now in place at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation:

Multi-Disciplinary Care: With the addition of a Medical Doctor in our facility, patients are no longer required to drive to and from a variety of healthcare offices to find relief. In our office, we now provide non-surgical pain management through medical care; progressive physical therapy; acupuncture for pain relief and healing; and the latest in science-based chiropractic care.

Conservative Pain Management: By focusing on healthy, conservative pain management, we work to help patients avoid unnecessary surgeries and the excessive use of painkilling medications. In creating a careful balance of traditional medical care with holistic pain-relieving practices (such as acupuncture), pain relief at our office is designed to be as healthy as possible.

Additionally, our office has a number of strategies for patients in extreme, disabling pain. For example, we may use one of a variety of corticosteroid injections for long-last pain relief, as well as anesthetic injections for immediate results. In many cases, patients who would normally be subjected to invasive and stressful surgical procedures are offered hope—they are able to take advantage of physical therapy in order to rehabilitate.

Treating the Whole Patient: When it comes to pain, illness, and injury, the emotional and social effects cannot be underestimated or ignored. Some patients withdraw from normal activity and become anxious and/or depressed. Others find it difficult to adjust to certain physical limitations following a disabling incident or disorder. As an expert in physical rehabilitation, our medical specialist is trained to help patients with the social and emotional aspects of the pain management process. Additionally, our office provides relief from anxiety and depression through acupuncture.

By creating a medical space that is open, welcoming, and compassionate, our facility is one in which patients are free to concentrate on a very basic goal: getting well. We eliminate the stress and frustration that is usually connected to pain management by offering all treatment options in one office. What’s more is that our practitioners are the very best in the Monmouth County and Oceanport area.

We treat the following painful conditions:

Back PainOceanport NJ Sports Injuries
ArthritisCarpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hip PainKnee Injuries/Knee Pain
FibromyalgiaHerniated Discs
SciaticaNumbness and/or Tingling
Leg PainChronic Fatigue Syndrome
Neck PainChronic Pain
Oceanport NJ Auto Accident InjuriesWhiplash
TendonitisSpinal Stenosis

By offering so many healthcare options in one location, as well as combining the best in tradition, holistic, and Eastern care, we can assist patients with many conditions that go beyond physical pain. For example:

Quit Smoking Now in Oceanport, NJAnxiety
Weight LossSinus Problems
Ear Infections

To learn more about improved health, rehabilitation, and pain management for Oceanport NJ please contact our office today.