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Three years ago I sustained two injuries; a right hip compression and a left foot fracture resulting in Morton’s Neuroma.” The increasing pain, numbness, loss of strength, endurance and flexibility rapidly decreased my daily mobility. I had injections, orthotics, surgery recommended and even rejected as new patient when told “its old age, live with it.”I read my symptoms in a MPR article in the Asbury Park Press. I wasn’t skeptical, I was hoping to get accepted as a patient! My initial appointment with Dr. Eric included an evaluation and then immediate treatment!! Upon completion I received an appointment schedule and the treatment plan was in place. Relief was setting in after the second treatment and has been increasing regularly as the pain evolves. The treatments are painless and the results are priceless. The efficiency, professionalism, knowledge and “feel better” goal of the entire MPR “Team” provides meaningful results, that’s why I recommended them to family and friends. – Joe Freitas


 Tami Davis“I sought out the services of Monmouth Pain and Rehab after a year of fighting breast cancer. The Treatment removed my cancer but the medications left me with constant muscle and joint pain.” I did not have the endurance to work full-time and I had frequent absences from work. I needed to reduce the pain and increase my energy level. I had heard acupuncture was good for pain and set out to consult with the doctor.
I have never had any kind of physical therapy, chiropractic care or acupuncture of any kind prior to my first consult. However, that first consult with Dr. Eric put my mind at ease. I was very specific about my goals but I also realized the challenge presented because I am still in follow up care and my body had been through chemo, surgery and radiation. I was able to discuss my health history, my post cancer treatment and health insurance issues. I was also able to explain my concerns and apprehension about chiropractic care, even though I was willing to try.
I was assured I could be helped and we developed a plan to have physical therapy starting three times a week with chiropractic care and acupuncture twice a week. I was told that within 6-8 weeks I would notice a difference in the way I felt.With the first appointment great emphasis was put on my mobility, balance and strength. Focus was placed on the aspects of my movement that need the most attention. The staff was gentle but attentive. Then the transformation happened. Within a period of about 7 weeks, I was running up steps when I used to walk with a limp. I stopped waking up with back and neck aches. I stopped calling out sick. The “slow and steady” philosophy served me well and produced good results. Without hesitation I would recommend this facility if you want to improve physically and if you are looking for a staff that is caring and kind. There is a positive vibe among everyone here. They all great you by name when you come in, they respect each other’s individual work yet still have a great sense of teamwork. It is a pleasure to experience. – Tami Davis