Pain Management for Hazlet, NJ


Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office offers Pain Management, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Massage.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is located in Red Bank, NJ near Hazlet and offers new techniques and treatment within the field of pain management: a cooperative, multi-disciplinary system of care unlike anything patients have experienced previously. Our team of pain/rehabilitation experts includes Medical Doctors (specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation); chiropractors; physical therapists; and acupuncturists.

Together, this panel of healthcare practitioners creates customized programs of rehabilitation and pain relief that offer patients effective and healthy methods of rehabilitating from pain, disability and illness. Our goal is to help patients avoid surgeries and stay away from harmful painkiller use.

Pain is the body’s alarm system; it was designed to alert the body when something has gone wrong. Most pain is temporary and resolves on its own. However, some acute pain conditions can persist, indicating that an injury has occurred or illness is present. In such cases, pain is essentially a call to action.

Prolonged and excessive pain can be extremely unhealthy for the body. In addition to affecting quality of life, neglected pain conditions can also worsen, leading to further damage and/or chronic pain. Furthermore, when pain is indicative of an illness, it is important to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Below are a list of some of the conditions we can help treat in Hazlet, NJ:

Sports-Related Injuries Ankle Sprains
Neck Pain Tendonitis
Back Pain Scoliosis
Numbness Knee Injury/Knee Pain
Sciatica Chronic Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Spinal Stenosis
Fibromyalgia Hip Pain
Chronic Fatigue Whiplash
Disc Injuries Allergies
Arthritis Hypertension
Leg Pain

Please contact Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation to learn more about Hazlet NJ rehabilitation and pain management.

Pain Management in Hazlet, NJ

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation now provides the latest in pain management and rehabilitation. By adding a medical doctor to our staff of physical therapists, acupuncturist, and chiropractic doctors, our office is integrating effective, traditional care with the best in holistic and Eastern pain management techniques.

It is always a smart idea to choose the least invasive treatment options available. Fortunately, when it comes to pain management, conservative, healthy care is also often the most effective route. Our purpose is to provide rehabilitation and pain management strategies that can help patients avoid excessive drug use and/or unnecessary surgery.

We also provide a simplified system of care that eliminates many of the most confusing and stressful aspects of pain management and rehabilitation. This is accomplished by incorporating multiple treatment options in one facility—thereby reducing the time and effort required to visit various offices. Patients in pain are free to concentrate on the only important goal—rehabilitation.

There is an added bonus in the type of integrated care provided at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. Because all of our healthcare practitioners—medical staff, physical therapists, doctors of chiropractic, and acupuncturist—are working together, more interrelated and therefore successful strategies for pain management are possible.

Conservative Medical care for Pain Management in Hazlet, NJ

The Medical Director at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) with a particular focus on Interventional Pain and Musculoskeletal Medicine. This medical doctor provides patients with accurate diagnoses; acts as the head of our team of pain management and rehabilitation specialists; and performs corticosteroid and/or anesthetic injections when pain is severe and disabling.


Acupuncture has been proven to help the body in numerous ways; it is a powerful adjunct to the pain management process. Some of the benefits of acupuncture are listed below.

• Acupuncture helps to speed up the healing process. It does so by addressing the emotional aspects of pain management (which have been shown to obstruct healing) and by boosting circulation.
• Acupuncture relieves pain and assists the body in relaxation by instigating the release of endorphins and serotonin.
• This ancient Chinese practice helps patients reduce the need for painkilling drugs by using the body’s natural ability to fight pain.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an essential component of many of our pain management and rehabilitation programs. By using both time-tested and cutting-edge techniques and technologies, we are able to offer physical therapy to help patients increase mobility and strength while decreasing pain. Some of the options for physical therapy are as follows:

Therapeutic Exercise
PowerPlate Technology
Spinal Decompression Traction
Low Level Laser Therapy
• Ultrasound Technology

Chiropractic Care

Misalignments occur when trauma (whether abrupt or incurred due to long-term poor posture) affects the normal structure of the spine. Such misalignments leave the body vulnerable to a number of painful and damaging physical disorders. Chiropractic care focuses on fixing these postural concerns in order to treat painful conditions and promote optimal health.