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RED BANK, NEW JERSEY: Monmouth Pain :Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant)The Physiatrists at our Shrewsbury, Freehold, Wall, and Lacey NJ facilities use a variety of diagnostic tools, including Electrodiagnostic Nerve Testing, Ultrasound, and traditional x-rays. We will also read and interpret the results of MRIs. Fluoroscopy is also used at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation. This is a powerful tool that allows our physicians to view the size, shape, and structure of a patient’s musculoskeletal system while in motion. In our Fluoroscopy suite, patients are positioned between an x-ray source and a fluorescent screen, safely producing live images.

This process helps our physicians make accurate diagnoses, as well as to perform certain injections when necessary. These are used only when pain and inflammation are inhibiting a patient’s ability to undergo a program of rehabilitation. Fluoroscopy allows this type of pain management to be performed with more accuracy, comfort, and better results.

In some cases, pain prevents patients from completing a program of rehabilitation; it is often in this situation that surgery appears to be the best option. Our PM&R Doctors make it possible for patients to reduce pain in order to avoid surgery.