Physical Therapy in Neptune, NJ

Physical Therapy, also called physiotherapy is often defined as a set of services which are undergone to help develop, sustain and return maximum movement and flexibility.

Our Physical Therapy program in Neptune, NJ understands that each patient will need individualized treatment. Our office works hard with the patient and their families to see what their individual goals an expectations from a physical therapy program are.

Physical Therapy Treatments

Physical Therapy can be used to treat many different conditions and symptoms. Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation facility can help with pain or illnesses including Knee Pain, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Ankle Sprains, Whiplash and Auto Accidents.

Therapeutic Activities for PT

Therapeutic Activities during PT are defined as direct (one to one) patient to provider exercise which are 15 minutes long. Dynamic therapeutic activities include the use of multiple parameters such as balance, strength, range of motion – all of these activities are said to improve functional performance.

Some therapeutic activities you can expect to see during a Physical Therapy session in Wall near Neptune are a lifting station, closed kinetic chain activity, hand assembly, activity transfer such as lying to sitting or chair to bed transfer, throwing, catching and or swinging.

Therapeutic Exercise for Physical Therapy is used for strengthening, endurance training as well as other activities to improve patient flexibility and better range of motion.

During a Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation center Physical Therapy session you can also expect to see the use of recumbent bikes, elliptical motion, balance beam, dynadisc balance facilitator, gymballs, therabands, theratubes, hand putty, free motion cable cross, ankle weights, weighted hand balls and weighted dumbbells from 1lb to 25lb.


dom-b “I thank them all very much for making me almost fully back to normal again.” I first started coming to Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation back in August of 2014 from a bad neck / back spasm. I was in an accident back in 2008 and suffered 2 herniated discs and pinched nerves down my arms. Since then I would get numbness, pins and needles, pain down to my fingers, and bad pain in my neck. Also my range of motion was down to half. Dr. Eric Chludzinski sat me down, talked and x-ray’d my neck also to show that my neck / spine was straight as an arrow when it should have a forward curvature. While Dr. Mike Sabatino did some physical therapy to help my range of motion and alleviate the pain. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Both the doctors and front office staff were very friendly and make you feel comfortable. I thank them all very much for making me almost fully back to normal again. – Dominick B.

“This level of personal care is unheard of in most rehabilitation facilities.” I was told total knee replacement surgery was the only way to eliminate the pain. At the age of 52, walking had become a nearly impossible task due to a significant knee injury while playing soccer in college. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and Viscosupplementation injections separately at other establishments. Due to a lack of success and reoccurring pain, I decided to schedule the surgery. I was quite reluctant to undergo this extensive procedure. I decided to try Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation in hopes of receiving some immediate relief from the pain. Within two weeks of attending Monmouth Pain, I had cancelled the surgery. The comprehensive physical therapy, image-guided Viscosupplementation injections and chiropractic treatment within a single facility have made a huge impact. In addition to the wonderful quality of care and treatment options, the staff at Monmouth Pain is kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Each staff member knows your name and asks about your progress. This level of personal care is unheard of in most rehabilitation facilities. I truly believe that the upbeat attitude and caring nature of the staff have contributed to my healing as much as the therapy itself! I am able to return to athletic activities and accomplish routine tasks, such as walking down the stairs, without the constant threat of pain. I could not be more thankful to the staff at Monmouth Pain for the amazing impact they have had on my life. I would recommend that anyone in chronic pain visit Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation so they may experience a similar life changing experience. – Jean C.