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Physical Therapy in Brielle, NJ

Physical Therapy in Brielle, NJ is available at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation we use Physical Therapy to identify and maximize an individual’s movement potential by utilizing the four main spheres of physical therapy which are promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.

We understand that each individual is different and will require a customized pathway to good health. We also work directly with our patients, their family members and care givers to identify movement potential and set help them set goals that they are able to hit. Our staff is here to work with patients and their family members to help make sure the treatment plan is set.

Physical Therapy Treatments for Active Rehabilitation

Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation physical therapy office in Brielle, NJ uses a variety of active rehabilitation techniques to help symptoms and treat conditions as well as improving and maintaining overall health.

Therapeutic Activities for Physical Therapy

Therapeutic Activities during Physical Therapy are one to one patient interaction with one of our providers. Each of the Therapeutic Activities is about 15 minutes long and strives to challenge by using balance, range of motion and strength. Each of these are designed to improve the way individuals perform and function.

An example of a Therapeutic Acivitiy you would see at our Physical Therapy office in Brielle, NJ would be a lifting station, closed kinetic chain activity, throwing, catching, swinging and even a hand assembly activity which would be a transfer – such as chair to bed, lying to sitting or something of that nature.

Therapeutic Exercise for Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercises are used for strengthening, endurance, training and other interventions associated with improving flexibility and range of motion. Along with a variety of activities, a variety of equipment is used during a Physical Therapy session at our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office near Brielle.

You can expect to see the use of items such as a Balance Beam, Vibration Plate, Hand Putty, Gymballs, Ankle Weights, Graduated Dumbbells Weighted from 1lb to 25lbs, Elliptical Motion, Recumbent Bikes and Elliptical Motion.