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Physical Therapy for Hypertension in Ocean County: Lacey Township

A safe, holistic approach incorporating multiple treatment components helps patients in Lacey Township lower blood pressure without the use of medications.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a very common yet serious health condition that affects one third of American adults and two-thirds of American seniors.

It is important to do whatever possible to lower blood pressure, and our highly skilled team of medical professionals are dedicated to helping patients find the answers to lower blood pressure in Ocean County NJ. Our Lacey Township hypertension treatment incorporates physical therapy and chiropractic to treat the underlying causes of high blood pressure to deliver results for the long run.

Hypertension is typically asymptomatic and always dangerous. It increases the risk of some of the leading causes of mortality in the U.S., including stroke and heart disease. Because hypertension can be treated with lifestyle changes and holistic practices, there should be no need to rely on medications.

Some common anti-hypertensive medications include diuretics, beta blockers, and calcium channel blockers. These medications may increase glucose levels in the blood, cause heart palpitations, swollen ankles, and headaches. And the body’s reactions to these medications may even lead to insomnia, depression, and cold extremities.

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