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Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NJ

Physical therapy is a term that encompasses a wide range of rehabilitation practices. Our office uses the followingtherapies:

Therapeutic Exercise is an excellent method of reducing pain and increasing flexibility, range of motion, and strength. Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation was one of the first to incorporate PowerPlate technology to boost the success of exercise programs.
Spinal Decompression Traction stretches the spine to remove pressure on the nerves that may be causing pain. In particular, it can help to resolve the cause of pain related to bulged or herniated discs.
Low Level Laser Therapy speeds up healing at the cellular level; this therapy has an added benefit of reducing the likelihood that scar tissue may form and cause further issues.
• To reduce stiffness, spasms, and cramping of the muscles, Ultrasound Technology uses sound waves to enhance circulation and healing.
• To treat pain and improve movement, Electrotherapy addresses inflammation as well as muscle spasms and weakness. It also assists with tissue repair for faster healing.