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Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NJ

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NJ is offered at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. Our new office in Wall, offers physical therapy treatments near Farmingdale NJ. Physical Therapy is also known as physiotherapy is often defined as a set of services that are designed to develop, sustain and return maximum movement and flexibility.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation will work to identify and maximize each patients movement potential by utilizing the four main spheres of physical therapy including promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Our office understands that each individual’s treatment plan will be different and require a different path to rehabilitation. Because of this, we work to set achievable goals for each of our patients and work directly with them and their family member.

Physical Therapy Treatments

Physical Therapy Treatments can be used to treat a number of conditions – some of the most common include injuries or chronic health issues. Some common injuries that physical therapy can commonly help treat are Knee Pain, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Arthritis and Knee Pain.

Active Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Treatments

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation uses a variety of progressive and unique forms of active rehab to treat many conditions.