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Therapeutic Activities & Exercises for Physical Therapy

Therapeutic Activities for PT are direct, one on one patient contact by the Physical Therapist or Physical Therapy Assistant. Each of the exercises are about 15 minutes long and will include multiple dynamics including balance, strength and range of motion. These activities are designed to help improve the patients function and performance.

Some examples of Therapeutic Activities you can expect to see during a Physical Therapy session include a lifting station, closed kinetic chain activity, hand assembly activity transfer (such as chair to bed, lying to sitting) throwing, catching or swinging.

Therapeutic Exercise for PT

Therapeutic Exercises are used for building strength, endurance and improving flexibility and range of motion. During these activities we use both equipment and devices to make sure our patients have the best therapeutic exercise possible.

During a Physical Therapy sessions in Farmingdale at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation you can expect to see the use of recumbent bikes, elliptical motion, vibration plate, balance beam, dynamic balance facilitator, gymballs, therabands and theratubes, hand balls and graduated dumbbells weighted from 1lb to 25lbs.

Physical Therapy Reviews

“My name is Steve and I have been coming to Monmouth Pain since 1999.” I first came in for Physical Therapy and Chiropractic work due to an injury on my left arm. I continued to come in for maintenance each week which kept me feeling great. I recently injured my right arm and went through chiropractic work as well as acupuncture which has helped bring the pain from an 8 to a 1. The staff is always and exceptional and could not ask for better care. – Steve T.

“There really are no words to express how grateful I am to them.” Three months ago, I was diagnosed with a Baker’s cyst. It was pressing on the knee which has been weakened due to arthritis. I could not stand without being in extreme pain. My GP recommended I seek physical therapy. Having never faced anything like this, I did not know where to turn. My best friend recommended Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation in Red Bank. I had nothing to lose. I could not deal with the pain. I was greeted at the desk by Nicole who graciously led me to the doctor’s office. I was examined by Dr. Dandrea. He assured me he would have me up and around in no time. I have to be honest and say I didn’t believe him. He explained the course of treatment and I was on my way. Part of treatment included injections into the knee to ease the pain. This procedure was put in the capable hands of Dr Chang and his assistant Corey. Both were professional and caring. I also was offered acupuncture. I will admit to being skeptical but in Candice’s gentle hands and calming voice I found relief. Of course the physical therapist, Roger, was terrific. He taught me exercises that would strengthen the muscles around the knee. Finally at the end of every session, I was given an adjustment by Dr. Murray. His kindness and words of wisdom made me feel that I would be better. I am thankful to everyone who works there. There really are no words to express how grateful I am to them. -Nora J.