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Electrotherapy Just One of the Many Options for Physical Therapy Treatment

Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation also offers patients electrotherapy in Shrewsbury, Freehold, Wall, & Lacey for Monmouth & Ocean County Physical Therapy patients. Electrotherapy is effective for the following symptoms:

  • pain
  • spasm
  • edema
  •  muscles weakness

Spinal manipulation is one of the oldest and most effective treatments for a wide variety of conditions and chiropractors have utilized manipulation as as a primary tool since 1895. In addition, chiropractors use other adjunct procedures to support the effects of the adjustment. These  procedures include electrotherapy, ultrasound, traction, ice, heat, laser therapy, and massage.

Electrotherapy in Physical Therapy works well for an individual who presents a myriad of symptoms. While the primary purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to balance the nervous system and correct the underlying cause of the symptoms – adjunct therapies such as electrotherapy can help achieve the desired results in less time. To learn more information about Electrotherapy offered in our Shrewsbury and Wall offices visit our Electrotherapy Page here.

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