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Post-Operative Recovery in Shrewsbury, NJ

Surgery is meant to fix something that has gone wrong in your body, and post-operative recovery can be just as important as the surgery itself in ensuring your body is functioning. At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, post-operative recovery is offered in both Shrewsbury and Wall Township, NJ to get patients fully recovered after a number of different surgeries.

Post-operative recovery in Shrewsbury or Wall, NJ can entail healing in the specific body part that was operated on, including the knee, wrist, or other joints. It can also be for regaining mobility, from simply walking and bending down, to exercising and having an active life. Post-surgical physical therapy or other treatments can also help accelerate recovery time.

Another important component in post-operative recovery treatment at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation is that it maintains the smooth and proper functioning of the rest of the body. For example, back pain is often the result of physical deconditioning, which can happen when someone is immobile for too long. Weak muscles have a negative impact on the functioning of the spine and joints, which can lead to disorders that cause pain. In some patients, localized muscle weakness can cause disc problems; surgery does not correct this weakness. It is in such cases that complete post-surgical physical therapy is necessary.

Physical therapy can help patients not only re-build muscle strength after surgery, but also has a positive effect on posture—an important component to good health, avoiding future surgeries, and protecting the back from additional injury.

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