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Post Surgical Rehabilitation in Wall, NJ

Surgery is one way to correct issues with our bodies. However the healing process doesn’t end with surgery. More often than not after a major procedure has been done to any part of your body involved in a lot of physical motion there will have to be a period of rehabilitation to make sure you can function normally again without feeling any pain.

Why is Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Important?

Why is this important? Rehabilitation restores the normal movement in joints, it can also build up strength in joints and the surrounding muscles. It also eases any pain and swelling as a result of surgery.

Rehabilitation also helps the circulation of blood, and this is particularly important after surgery, so risks of blood clots can be avoided.

With post-surgical rehabilitation patients are slowly trained to restore their strength, range of motion, functional mobility, balance and coordination, and the fine motor skills they need for daily activities.

Surgeries that often require post-procedure rehabilitation include rotator cuff repairs, total joint replacements, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, arthroscopic knee surgeries, arthroscopic hip surgeries and achilles tendon repairs.

Nerve release procedures on the cubital tunnel, radial tunnel, carpal tunnel and tarsal tunnel; neck and back surgeries like fusions, laminectomy and decompression; surgical repairs of fractures in the arms and legs also usually require therapy afterwards.

However, not all patients who need post-surgery rehab are the same; the regimen they need after undergoing major surgery should not be the same, either.

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, our occupational therapists are trained to determine the needs of a specific patient and come up with an individualized exercise program designed to get him or her functioning and moving normally again. They will closely monitor their progress with regular sessions and help them through what needs to be done.

We also have the equipment and facilities necessary to make sure rehabilitation will be as comprehensive and pain-free as possible.

Contact us for any of your post-surgical rehab needs. Our rehab personnel and facilities are always ready to serve you.