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Complete Post-Operative Physical Therapy at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation

Red Bank, NJ Doctor designs and implements post-surgical treatment programs to increase functioning and reduce future injury.

Muscle function and strength is an important component in the post-surgical recovery process. In particular, physical therapy after spinal surgery can help patients maximize recovery and minimize future pain-related issues.

For example, back pain is often the result of physical deconditioning. Weak muscles have a negative impact on the functioning of the spine and joints, which can lead to disorders that cause pain. In some patients, localized muscle weakness can cause disc problems; surgery does not correct this weakness. It is in such cases that complete post-surgical physical therapy is necessary.

Physical therapy can help patients not only re-build muscle strength, but also has a positive effect on posture—an important component to good health, avoiding future surgeries, and protecting the back from additional injury.