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Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation in Ocean County

An orthopedic surgery can be a physically and mentally exhausting time for patients who have been suffering from a musculoskeletal injury. At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, it is our goal to help patients fully prepare for an orthopedic surgery and the recovery that comes with it by providing a comprehensive pre- and post- surgical rehabilitation program. To get your program started today with a free consultation ($245 value), call 732-345-1377. In addition to our Lacey rehabilitation facility, we have locations in Shrewsbury, Freehold, and Wall Township, New Jersey.

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Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation Program in Ocean County at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation

While most patients are familiar with post-surgical rehabilitation, it is also important to understand the benefits of seeing a physical therapist and beginning a physical therapy program prior to the surgery. Beginning a pre-surgical rehabilitation program can help improve post-surgical recovery. At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, our physical therapists will help increase mobility and reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation of the injured area prior to surgery, to optimize the function of the affected area prior to the surgical procedure.

This is an important step in the surgical and recovery process, as it can help strengthen and prepare the injury to undergo a successful surgery, and in some cases delay or negate the necessity of undergoing a major surgical procedure. Additionally, a pre-surgical rehabilitation program will help patients become accustomed to the exercises they will perform during the post-surgical rehabilitation phase of recovery, as well as building a close relationship with their physical therapist prior to surgery to help ease into the post-surgical recovery process.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Program in Lacey Township, NJ

One of the most important components of post-surgical recovery is a comprehensive physical therapy program, and may also include cold laser therapy and vibration therapy to aid in bringing down inflammation, improving healing time and pain relief. At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, we understand the importance of designing a post-surgical rehabilitation program specifically tailored to each individual patient.

Post-surgical recovery is a long process that requires the care and expertise of physical therapists to promote a successful recovery by helping to restore and maximize function, mobility, and strength of the injured area. Together, our Lacey physical therapists work closely with each patient and monitor their progress throughout the rehabilitation process to design a comprehensive program and establish functional goals aimed at restoring function of the injured area.

Physical Therapy at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation

Whether you are considering surgery, have a surgical procedure scheduled, or recently underwent an orthopedic surgical procedure, now is the time to begin your Surgical Rehabilitation Program! In cases of knee surgery or a knee replacement, shoulder surgery, back surgery, hip surgery, and more – our post-surgical rehabilitation in Ocean County is convenient and a necessary step in recovery.

Our physical therapists are here to help you every step of the way back to normal, optimal health so you can get back to enjoying your daily activities faster following an orthopedic surgery. If you or a loved one are in need of a pre- and post- surgical rehabilitation program, feel free to contact us today to schedule a free consultation ($245 value). Call 732-345-1377 or fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you shortly.  Let Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation join you on your way to a full recovery.

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