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The Power Plate and Rehabilitation

The Power Plates at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation have demonstrated dramatic benefits to patients in rehabilitation and management of chronic pain. Our staff here at Monmouth Pain has found the Power Plate to be a valuable rehabilitation tool for patient care at all of our locations: Shrewsbury, Wall Township, and Lacey Township.

With the Power Plate, rehabilitation programs that typically require substantial session lengths can be finished in a fraction of the time. Without the pains of higher-impact forms of training or rehabilitation therapy, positive results are achieved. Ten minutes on the Power Plate is equivalent to 60 minutes of conventional training. With its low-impact and gentle nature, the Power Plate can provide even the most physically challenged patients the opportunity to improve overall health and fitness.

power plate laceyFor our rehabilitation patients, the Power Plate technology increases the effectiveness of exercise, enhancing the ability to reach certain physical therapy goals. For patients suffering from a variety of different issues, the Power Plate offers a workout program that is 200% more effective with exercises that are less resistant. It is also exceptionally helpful for older patients who are no longer capable of exercise at previous levels.

Exercising on the Power Plate increases muscle strength and flexibility, aids in weight loss, improves blood circulation, decreases pain, and speeds up recovery. Our physical therapists here at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation have found that incorporating this cutting-edge equipment into our patient’s rehabilitation programs help with the rebuilding of bones, muscle strength, conditioning, and overall exercising performance.

For rehabilitation patients, Power Plate promotes improvement in blood circulation to measurable outcomes such as increased muscle strength and flexibility, decreased cellulite, reduced pain, and faster recovery. It also allows people with conditions such as osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and arthritis to exercise while working within their physical limitations. The ability to strengthen muscles without strain on joints and ligaments can be extremely valuable for patients with rehabilitation needs.

Improvements have been seen in the following areas from use of the Power Plate for rehabilitation patients:

• Decreased overall and specific pain

• Improved blood circulation

• Accelerated recovery of the tissues after ACL reconstruction

• Faster recovery post stroke/CVA

• Reduced pain in patients with Fibromyalgia

• Improved mood and activity levels in patients with Fibromyalgia

• Quicker recovery of damaged muscles and tendons

In some retirement communities, acceleration therapy with the Power Plate plays an important role in the ability to stand and walk better. By improving balance and coordination, and promoting normal muscle mass, the Power Plate is making a difference in the quality of life of seniors.


If you’re interested in incorporating the Power Plate into your treatment, or would like to come in for a free consultation ($245 value) to determine your eligibility, please call 732-345-1377 or fill out the form below.

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