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Relief for Leg & Hip Pain Wall NJ

Leg and hip pain can be debilitating and frustrating. Pain in your hip and/or leg, or radiating between the two, can be caused by a number of things, but it is important to know that treatment is necessary and within reach at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation.

Pain like this may be caused by osteoarthritis, sciatica, or direct trauma to the hip itself, such as during sports injuriesauto accidents, or slips and falls

First, you will meet with one of our doctors for a consult. This will allow the doctor to assess your situation and determine what’s causing your pain, and thus establish what your best treatment plan will entail.

Your Treatment for Leg & Hip Pain in Wall NJ

Our medical doctors can administer injections. If a condition like osteoarthritis is present, medical injections will serve to cushion the joint and relieve the pressure and inflammation. Chiropractic may also help with your conditions. Particularly if the source of your pain is a pinched nerve, chiropractic adjustments and/or decompression can release the pressure on the nerve. Chiropractic can be supplemented with cold laser therapy which accelerates healing. Hip and leg pain can be treated with physical therapy as well, which can also help improve range of motion if that has been an issue. Finally, our facility also has acupuncture which can be combined with any of these services for pain relief and a more balanced energy, to draw on the body’s natural healing abilities.

If you believe you could benefit from any of these treatments, or you have been suffering from any leg and/or hip pain in Wall NJ, please come visit our Wall office on Route 34.

To request a free initial consult ($245 value), please call 732-345-1377 or fill out the form below.

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