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Relief for Numbness & Tingling in Lacey Township

Sciatica Treatment and Neuropathy Treatment in Lacey Township at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation

Numbness, tingling, burning sensations, weakness, that pins & needles feeling – if you’ve suffered from these symptoms, you know how aggravating they can be. These symptoms can also be dangerous. In addition to being clear signs of health issues that need to be addressed, they can affect your life and cause major problems in your ability to live normally & comfortably. Particularly with foot & leg numbness, patients are having difficulty walking, and even noticing when other pains arise.

Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary holistic pain treatment facility offering treatment for numbness and tingling in Lacey Township, for people experiencing these symptoms in the feet, legs, hands, hip, or elsewhere.

Dr. Keith Murray of Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation says, “Over nearly twenty years of service, we’ve treated thousands of patients experiencing pain, numbness, and tingling, who were beginning to lose hope, until they came to see us.”  If you’re interested in learning firsthand about our breakthrough treatment, call for a completely FREE initial consult ($245 value) – 732-345-1377 or fill out the form below to request your appointment.

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Lacey Township Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy is nerve damage that occurs outside of the brain and spine. This is commonly caused by diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy is a common condition, affecting the lives of 10 to 20 million Americans. It often affects multiple facets of a person’s life; they can’t sleep, they’re constantly suffering, and can’t enjoy life the way they used to.

So many people suffering from neuropathy try lots of exhausting treatment options and medications with little success. That is no longer necessary with this innovative program by Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, covered by most major insurance providers including Medicare.

Cold laser therapy for neuropathy at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation has been proven to reduce the painful and numbing symptoms of neuropathy, whether patients are in the early stages, or have been suffering for years and are finally seeking treatment. Tom P., an MPR patient, explains, “I could barely feel anything happening during my laser treatment except for a bit of a warm feeling. I knew it had to be working though, because I could tell a difference even when I went home that day. And now, months later, I feel SO much better!”

In addition, the doctors use non-invasive care to eliminate any nerve issues, which effectively gets to the root of your pain. They then treat the symptoms, allowing you to not only feel relief, but also address the cause of your pain. Special low-force instrumentation frees the nerves to eliminate any damage caused by old herniated discs or arthritis.

One of the especially distinctive characteristics of the neuropathy treatment at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation is their use of Power Plate© technology, which stimulates the body’s natural reflexive response through vibration. This immensely increases blood and nutrient circulation to the nerve cells.


Lacey Township Sciatica Treatment

Back pain on its own is bad enough, but when the sciatic nerve is under pressure, it can feel even worse as it travels from the back, through the hip or buttocks, and/or down the leg. It may be hard to pinpoint where the pain is coming from, but as the tingling radiates, patients find themselves wondering what they can do to stop this.

Sciatica varies from person to person and so can the symptoms. The various symptomatic occurrences can range from a mild ache to a sharp ache, excruciating pain or a burning sensation.  Some patients have described sciatica as feeling like a jolt or electric shock. Usually one side of the body is affected and is aggravated by prolonged sitting.  Others have experienced numbness, tingling or muscle weakness in the affected areas such as the leg or foot.

The doctors at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation use FDA cleared medical technology known as non-surgical decompression traction. The issue at hand is that the spinal discs are pushing or pinching the nerves, which causes tingling, numbness, and electric pain. Decompression provides relief by stretching the spine and muscles to increase space and send the discs back in line where they are meant to be. Coupled with low light laser therapy, this treatment helps patients get relief quickly.

Physical therapy also helps to strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and tendons surrounding the spinal column. The physical therapy team at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation will examine your case specifically to determine what sorts of exercises and stretches will yield the most success in reliving the pressure on your sciatic nerve.

Furthermore, our highly skilled acupuncturists can work with you to promote regeneration of the sciatic nerve, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the nerves that release pain-reducing endorphins.

It can’t be said exactly what treatments you would undergo until the doctors evaluate your case. Whether your pain is a result of sciatica, or something similar that mimics these symptoms, the MPR team will establish a plan catered to YOU and YOUR pains. There’s no need to live in this constant state of pain and frustration. Take the first step: schedule a FREE initial consultation with one of the doctors at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation. Call 732-345-1377 or fill out the form above.