Richa Ranade PT, DPT

Dr. Richa Ranade is a PT, Doctor of Physical Therapy. Richa is a recent graduate of Rutgers University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Richa attended Rutgers University for her undergraduate studies as well. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences. During her graduate studies in physical therapy, Richa developed an interest in vestibular rehabilitation and orthopedic rehabilitation, and plans on pursuing certifications in these areas in the near future.

Richa’s interest in physical therapy was first piqued when she volunteered as a facility that offers physical therapy and hippotherapy services for children with special needs. She continued to volunteer at that facility and others for approximately 4 years. After seeing how one-on-one time with a patient and a holistic approach to healthcare could vastly improve someone’s quality of life, she knew this was the type difference she wanted to make in a community.

With that purpose in mind, Richa always makes sure that her patient’s goals, needs, and concerns are both heard and understood in order to make their rehabilitation process as effective and successful as possible. In her free time, Richa tries to keep her lifestyle as active and enjoyable as possible. Some of her favorite activities include dancing, hiking, and going to the beach.