Acupuncture for Rumson, NJ

There are only a handful of certified acupuncturists in New Jersey; visit Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation to get started on a program of acupuncture spearheaded by one of our highly skilled and experienced acupuncturists. This healthcare practice is often used as an adjunct to our programs of pain management and rehabilitation, but can also be used on its own to relieve pain, boost immunity, and promote the health of the entire body.

Although acupuncture is increasingly becoming a mainstream practice, many patients still have a number of questions about acupuncture. Many of these queries center on the exact mechanism of action—what makes acupuncture work? Other patients may be concerned that the act of inserting needles at various points on the body may be unpleasant.

Let’s first address the actual experience of an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is a safe, gentle, and painless method of easing both physical and emotional suffering. Patients in Rumson can relax at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, knowing that our office works only with highly experienced and state-certified acupuncturists.

On a very basic level, acupuncture is centered on the idea that a life energy (called Qi and pronounced ‘chee’) flows throughout the body on channels known as meridians. The meridians relate to different organs or systems of organs. Qi’s two central components are Yin and Yang—opposing forces which must remain in balance.

In order to remain in good health, Qi must flow throughout the body unobstructed and in perfect balance. Acupuncture works by stimulating certain points along the meridian pathways in order to restore or maintain balance and promote the free, unblocked flow of Qi throughout the body.

There have been a number of modern medical studies to prove or discover the mechanism of action that makes acupuncture such an effective treatment option. Western medicine has shown that acupuncture prompts very real physiological changes in the body. These changes include lowered blood pressure; enhanced immunity; regulation of the production of hormones; pain relief; reduced anxiety and depression; and fewer sleep problems.

In many cases, acupuncture helps patients to avoid or reduce the use of painkilling medications during the rehabilitation process.

Our Rumson Acupuncture patients can find relief from many conditions, including the following:

Neck PainMigraine
Pain ManagementObesity
SciaticaRespiratory Illnesses
Sinus ProblemsShoulder Pain
Sports InjuriesSmoking
Tennis ElbowTendonitis
Back PainAuto Accident Injuries
DepressionChronic Fatigue
DiarrheaDisc Injuries

Please contact our office to learn more about Acupuncture services for Rumson NJ. Our office also provides medical care, chiropractic, and physical therapy.