Pain Management for Sciatica in NJ

Shrewsbury, Freehold, Wall, & Lacey NJ rehabilitation and pain management facilities offers hope for sufferers of sciatica through conservative medical treatment, including Epidural Steroid Injections

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is defined as pain along the course of the sciatic nerve. This pain, which can vary in intensity, runs from the lower back through the buttock, back of the thigh, calf, and foot. Other symptoms may include muscle weakness, numbness, or tingling. Movement of the affected extremity may intensify or alleviate the pain, or it may have no effect at all. Every sciatica patient experiences the condition differently.

When functioning normally, the sciatic nerve sends signals to the brain from the muscles. It also acts as a conduit between the legs and the brain to transmit sensory information. Sciatica affects and alters these functions. Those seeking sciatica treatment in NJ are encouraged to contact us!

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Sciatica Causes

The pain and other symptoms associated with sciatica are the result of compression, irritation, and inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which may be the product of any of the following conditions:

• Herniated Disc;
• Trauma;
• Pregnancy;
• Lumbar Spinal Stenosis;
• Spondylolisthesis; and
• Spinal Tumors (rarely).

Non-Surgical Treatment for Sciatica

Sciatica itself is not a medical condition; rather it is the term used to describe a set of symptoms. Medical practitioners focus on treating the cause of sciatica (see the above list). For example, our medical director would first complete a full orthopedic and neurological examination before beginning any course of treatment.

After a diagnosis has been made, a program of rehabilitation and pain management is crafted according to each individual patient’s needs. This plan may include any of the following:

Physical Therapy
• Spinal Decompression Traction
• Spinal Manipulation

In some cases, the pain of sciatica (or other symptoms) may make the above-listed treatments impossible. This is one of many reasons that sciatica patients sometimes become frustrated and hopeless. It is often in these situations that Epidural Steroid Injections are used.

Epidural Steroid Injections for Sciatica

Physiatrists perform a number of non-surgical procedures to reduce pain and inflammation so that patients can take advantage of rehabilitation programs. One such method is the use of Epidural Steroid Injections, a minimally invasive procedure that reduces inflammation and pain in the spinal nerves. This practice delivers a combination of a long-lasting corticosteroid and an anesthetic numbing agent to the spinal nerve through the epidural space (the area between the protective covering of the spinal cord and vertebrae).

Epidural Steroid Injections provide a temporary solution to pain so that patients can benefit from physical therapy and other rehabilitation practices.

Treatment for Sciatica at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation

The pain management team at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation focuses on a basic goal of avoiding surgery and harmful pharmaceuticals. This enables our sciatica patients to get well without causing further bodily damage.

Toward this end, our Shrewsbury, Wall, and Lacey NJ pain management clinic incorporates a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist that works according to the belief that a moderate approach is often the most successful and least damaging to the body.

Our Physician also makes use of Fluoroscopy, an imaging technique that provides real-time, moving images of affected body parts. This helps with administering accurate and effective Epidural Steroid Injections. Because our Fluoroscopy Suite is brand-new, we are using the latest practices and equipment for the best possible results.

Other non-surgical techniques used by the Medical team at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation include facet joint injections (a combination of long-lasting steroids and an anesthetic); Sacroiliac Joint Injections; Radiofrequency Ablation; and Peripheral Joint Injections.

To learn more about a multi-disciplinary, non-surgical approach to sciatica in Monmouth and Ocean County, contact our Shrewsbury, Wall, or Lacey NJ pain management and rehabilitation facilities. Call us at 732-365-0301 to schedule your appointment!