Sciatica Treatment available in Red Bank, NJ

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation offers Medical Care, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic to help sciatica patients reduce pain and increase functioning without surgery.

Medical Care for Sciatica: Pain Management and Rehabilitation

Are you suffering from Sciatica Pain? Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation facility offers Sciatica treatment for individuals suffering from sciatica pain in Red Bank, NJ. We offer  comprehensive treatment plans at our Multidisciplinary center and offer Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Massage.

Sciatica is the term used to describe a set of symptoms that occur due to the compression, irritation, or inflammation of one of the five roots that comprise the sciatic nerve, or of the sciatic nerve itself. Our staff at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation are specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Medical care for sciatica at our facility focuses on treating the cause of sciatica (herniated disc, trauma, arthritis, etc.) in order to manage pain and increase mobility. The first step in this process is a full orthopedic and neurological examination.

Once the cause of sciatica has been determined, a pain management and rehabilitation program is crafted according to each patient’s individual needs and medical history. This plan of rehabilitation may include acupuncture, physical therapy, and/or spinal manipulation (all of these services are offered at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation).

A physician may perform any one of a number of minimally invasive procedures on patients who are experiencing pain severe enough to limit rehabilitation. For example, Epidural Steroid injections help to reduce inflammation and pain in the spinal nerves by delivering a combination of a long-lasting corticosteroid and/or anesthetic numbing agent to the epidural space (the area between the protective covering of the spinal cord and the vertebrae). The main purpose of Epidural Steroid Injections is to provide a temporary solution to pain so that patients can benefit from physical therapy and other rehabilitation practices.