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Seizure Disorders and Chiropractic

In the brain, cells known as neurons form an electrical and chemical network. Ideally, electrical signals move along these neurons undisturbed and help with the release of chemicals that further affect the electrical activity of the brain. Seizure disorders occur when some influence (external or internal) causes abnormal activity in the signals of neurons.

Chiropractic care does not directly treat epilepsy or seizures disorders; instead, treatment revolves around correcting the spinal nerve stress that may be causing the body to malfunction. When spinal misalignments (subluxations) are present, aberrant nerve impulses may occur and lead to neurological conditions such as seizure disorders.

Subluxations can occur from almost any stress or strain on the body, from everyday activities to serious trauma such as an auto accident. Epilepsy often presents during childhood because of the many stresses placed on children’s bodies, including the birth process.

Spinal damage is related to many neurological conditions (such as migraine headaches or cerebral palsy). Specifically, there is thought to be a connection between misalignment in the cervical (neck) spine and seizure disorders. A Doctor of Chiropractic ensures that the spine is free of vertebral subluxations and spinal nerve stress.