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Monmouth County Acupuncture for Quitting Smoking

The Quit Smoking Now Program offered at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation usually includes five acupuncture treatments during the first two to three weeks of smoking cessation. Smokers are advised to stop smoking after the first treatment.

The success rate for quitting smoking in our Red Bank, NJ office is approximately 75%– significantly higher than any other treatment. Please contact us to learn more about quitting smoking in Monmouth County with Acupuncture.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation offers the Quit Smoking Now Program, which includes acupuncture and has a success rate of approximately 75%. In contrast, smokers who used a combination of counseling and the drug Bupropion (Wellbutrin) had a success rate of only 30.5%. Even worse, just seven percent of people who used the nicotine patch or gum were successful after six months.

The Quit Smoking Now Program at Monmouth and Rehabilitation recommends that smokers go ‘cold turkey’ after the first acupuncture session. This smoking cessation plan usually includes five treatments over a period of two to three weeks, but each smoker’s plan is customized to fit individual needs.