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How Does Spinal Decompression Work? Is This Treatment Right for Me?

At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, our experienced chiropractic staff will use several techniques to reduce the pressure between discs in the spine by gently and methodically separating spinal bones using decompression and traction equipment. The gentle separating of the discs actually creates a vacuum which pulls the material between the discs back into place. This technique has been effective in minimizing or completely healing disc bulges and herniations.

Chronic back and neck pains can cause a significant amount of stress in life. If one is diagnosed with a disc herniation this does not necessarily mean that spinal decompression is right for them. There are many factors involved including the patient’s age, posture and findings on upright weight bearing X-Rays. Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation treats back and neck pain with a number of techniques including spinal decompression. Therefore, the only way to know if spinal decompression treatment is right for you is to contact an experienced Monmouth County spinal decompression treatment facility such as Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation located in Shrewsbury, Wall, and Lacey NJ.