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What is Most Important, the Physician or the Type of Spinal Decompression Device?

Without a doubt, the physician is more important than the type of spinal decompression device. There are many different types of spinal decompression tables and some claim to utilize space-age technology. These “bells and whistles” are used by companies to impress both the doctor and the patient. There is very little substantive research supporting one unit over another unit. Some of these spinal decompression tables cost the physician over $100,000 to purchase and the doctor is forced to charge patients very high fees to recoup these costs.

Look for a physician with an advanced certification in spinal biomechanics. For example, a chiropractor specially trained in spinal biomechanics such as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) or Pettibon will have much more knowledge about how to change a spine. Dr. Thomas R. Dandrea D.C. of Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation is certified in CBP® and has been treating patients with an array of chronic back and neck pains with spinal decompression techniques since the opening of his practice in 1998.