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What to Look for When Considering Spinal Decompression in Monmouth & Ocean County New Jersey

One Size Does Not Fit All for Spinal Decompression Treatment: There is a significant amount of spinal decompression equipment on the market today that boasts a “one size fits all model” where everyone can come and receive effective treatment on the same machine. While this is great in theory, this is unfortunately untrue. The human body does not work that way; we are all different. Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation understands this and provides unique spinal decompression treatments for each of our patients which include several different forms of traction and decompression techniques to relieve chronic pains and conditions.

Chiropractic BioPhysics®: Locating a CBP® certified chiropractor is a crucially important criterion for finding a facility for spinal decompression treatment. CBP® stands for Chiropractic BioPhysics® and is considered by a number of leading experts to be a higher level of chiropractic due to its methodology. CBP® takes a systematic and scientific approach to chiropractic which helps establish a more accurate treatment plan and predictable results for patients. There are a number of facilities that offer spinal decompression but are not certified in CBP®. This can lead to a stronger likelihood that the facility will not be able to determine the exact needs of the patient in terms of traction.