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Disk Pain

Spinal Disc Bulge or Herniation?


At Monmouth Pain, we first address the cause of the problem.  Proper imaging is used to determine whether or not you have a spinal disc bulge or a spinal disc herniation. Once we determine that we can develop a course of treatment to not find it and get you out of pain, but also work to fix the disc issue without surgery. Our Back Pain Program uses the best of Pain Management Injection Therapies coupled with natural treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy.  We specially design each of our treatment programs to meet your needs.

A Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Treatment Designed To Treat Herniated Discs And Severe Back And Leg Pain Has Been Used By Professional Athletes In The National Football League, Major League Baseball League, And The Professional Golf Association!

You’re about to discover comprehensive state-of-the-art technology available for:

  • Back Pain
  • Leg Pain
  • Herniated and Bulging Discs
  • Sciatica
  • Leg and Foot Numbness, Tingling and Weakness
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Facet Syndrome

We want to take a minute to explain to the back and disc pain sufferer that it may be possible for you to feel “normal” again.


  • Exercising or playing sports, PAIN-FREE
  • Cleaning your house, PAIN-FREE
  • Driving your car, PAIN-FREE
  • Picking up your kids or grandkids, PAIN-FREE
  • The freedom to do as you wish, PAIN-FREE

Imagine how your life would instantly change if you discovered a possible solution to your back pain. In this article you’ll discover a potential solution for your pain.

How Many Treatments Have You Tried…

That leaves you depressed and disappointed? Have you considered or tried pills, injections, therapy or surgery for your severe back or leg pain and they have failed? The frustration of chronic daily pain combined with a long line of failed treatment can be enough to drive even the most well-grounded folk over the edge…

  • They told you to take more and more pills
  • They told you to continue more therapy
  • They told you to try injections
  • They told you to “try” surgery
  • They told you to just LIVE WITH IT

Only if you are serious about eradicating your severe back pain should you read any further because there is a treatment that your doctor may not even know about that is noninvasive, painless and has been designed to treat severe low back and leg pain along with herniated discs.

How Does the Back GET Damaged?

Imagine your spine as a bunch of blocks stacked on top of each other. In between each block is a disc. Discs are sort of like jelly donuts. When a disc is injured or torn, the jelly-like substance on the inside can leak out. This is called a herniated disc. If the outer discs are not torn, discs can bulge– without herniation. It’s like if you step on a balloon and it doesn’t pop. When a disc bulges and herniates it is a major source of back pain. It can also pinch the delicate nerves that pass by as they come out of the spine. That’s what can cause pain in the back, down the leg or numbness and tingling down the leg and into the toes.

Back Pain Spine Stock

Sciatica, herniated and/or bulging discs, degenerative discs, relapse or failure following surgery have all seen results with our treatments.


We Offer An Extremely Comprehensive Approach to Help the Back and Leg Pain Sufferer – Offering a New Wave of Hope!

  • Non-surgical Spinal Decompression
  • Chiropractic Care Including Manual and Instrument Based Treatments
  • Interventional Pain Management
  • Holistic Injections
  • Physical Therapy Utilizing Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, and Therapeutic Exercise
  • Class IV Laser Therapy
  • Kinesio and Rock Taping
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Including Deep Tissue Myofascial Release
  • Power Plate Technology
  • Back Bracing
  • ART, Graston, and FAKTR Soft Tissue Therapy
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