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Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Monmouth County: Wall Township & Shrewsbury, NJ

Stenosis is the narrowing of a body channel, such as the bone channel that houses the spinal cord. It is possible to not feel any side effects of spinal stenosis, but especially after aging, it becomes obvious with radiating pain, numbness, or weakness as the nerves become compressed.

Spinal stenosis goes hand in hand with the degeneration of the spine that occurs in aging adults. This degeneration results in gradual symptoms, such as decreased physical activity and changes in posture.

Lumbar Stenosis involves the compression of the nerves in the lower back, which yields symptoms similar to sciatica, including pain or numbness radiating from the lower back into the buttocks and legs.

Cervical Stenosis results in pain in the neck due to spinal cord compression.

Stenosis Treatment at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation

Physical therapy introduces guided exercises to keep the patient in motion and avoid becoming totally debilitated. This builds up strength.

Epidural injections deliver steroids into the spine. This fluid helps counteract inflammation and relieves pain.

Chiropractic care keeps the joints mobilized to reduce inflammation. In stenosis, the joint becomes fixated in one position, and that causes pain. Regular adjustments help get the spine into its proper position and relieve pain.

Acupuncture is used in cases in which stenosis leads to neuropathy or nerve pain.

At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, you can find all of these treatments under one roof. No matter the variety of stenosis symptoms you may be experiencing, we have a treatment program for your individual needs.

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