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Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries

Our Red Bank, New Jersey office provides holistic wellness strategies for every type of sports injury. We offer a number of approaches that can be used in concert, including acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy.

Treatment begins with a full orthopedic and neurological examination that often includes the use of x-rays. We work in conjunction with traditional medical practices, and are certified to read and review the results of MRI technology.

Acupuncture at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is a safe, painless, drug free option for patients suffering from the effects of sports injuries. Unlike many painkilling or anti-inflammatory medications, there are no side effects. Acupuncture may also help some patients to avoid the consequences of serious medical intervention such as surgery.

Please contact our Monmouth County office today to learn more about our holistic approach to sports injuries.

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