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Monmouth County Pain Management for Sports Injuries and Back Pain

The trauma resulting from a sports injury can often lead to back pain; a medical doctor specializing in pain management and rehabilitation helps athletes relieve pain and get moving again.

Back pain is a common problem related to participating in sports or any other athletic activity. This occurs in two ways: the first is related to overuse, which causes wear and tear on the body over time. Back pain can also result from sudden trauma. In either case, back pain often restricts the sufferer’s ability to move and function normally—a real problem for those who are accustomed to regular activity.

In general, back pain caused by sports injuries may be the result of one of several common disorders, such as bulged or herniated discs. It’s important to have a full diagnosis in order to determine the proper course of treatment to relieve pain and get the body moving once again. At Monmouth Pain and Rehab, we use a number of diagnostic tools—including fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and traditional x-ray—to determine the cause of back pain.

Seeking treatment as soon as possible for sports-related back pain is a crucial element in returning to activity without pain. Addressing the problem can also help in preventing future injury.