Monmouth County Pain Management for Sports Injuries and Back Pain

The trauma resulting from a sports injury can often lead to back pain; a medical doctor specializing in pain management and rehabilitation helps athletes relieve pain and get moving again.

Back pain is a common problem related to participating in sports or any other athletic activity. This occurs in two ways: the first is related to overuse, which causes wear and tear on the body over time. Back pain can also result from sudden trauma. In either case, back pain often restricts the sufferer’s ability to move and function normally—a real problem for those who are accustomed to regular activity.

In general, back pain caused by sports injuries may be the result of one of several common disorders, such as bulged or herniated discs. It’s important to have a full diagnosis in order to determine the proper course of treatment to relieve pain and get the body moving once again. At Monmouth Pain and Rehab, we use a number of diagnostic tools—including fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and traditional x-ray—to determine the cause of back pain.

Seeking treatment as soon as possible for sports-related back pain is a crucial element in returning to activity without pain. Addressing the problem can also help in preventing future injury.

Managing Sports-Related Back Pain through Medical Care

Patients who have recently experienced a sports-related injury, or are experiencing back pain as the result of damage incurred over time, are advised to visit a doctor that specializes in pain management and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This type of doctor is known as a Physiatrist; through this type of medical care, patients receive conservative, effective pain management and rehabilitation programs designed specifically for the types of injuries caused by athletic activity.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has made the process of treating sports injuries/back pain easier by incorporating all possible treatment options in one facility. Under the direction of a medical doctor, rehabilitation may include physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care.

The objective behind all treatment programs for sports-related back pain is to reduce pain while healing the actual injury. Other goals include improving mobility, flexibility, and strength. The overall purpose is to get patients back to activity while reducing the chance of future injury.

The pain management specialist at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation focuses on non-surgical treatment for back pain. In some cases, patients are in severe pain and cannot undergo a program of physical therapy. When this occurs, it may be advisable for patients to consider injections of a long-lasting steroid or anesthetic numbing agent. In the case of back pain, epidural steroid injections, joint injections, trigger point injections, or sympathetic blocks may be used. In this way, patients are able to experience both immediate and long-term pain relief in order to build strength and increase mobility through healthy, conservative practices such as physical therapy or chiropractic care.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation and Sports Injury-Related Back Pain

Please contact our Monmouth County office today to learn more about treatment for sports injuries and back pain in Red Bank, New Jersey. We offer a comprehensive diagnostic process and treatment programs that include all of the major pain management and rehabilitation modalities—including medical care, physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture.