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Sports Injury and Rehabilitation in Wall, NJ

People in the sporting profession tend to feel injuries more than those in other lines of work or activities. This is because an injury means time away from doing what they love. It means time away from people they connect with. It can even mean lost income. On a personal level being injured can also lead to feelings of helplessness, inadequacy and even depression.

There are now many kinds of sports today, forcing athletes to use more and more of their muscles, bones and body parts. Sports has also become more and more competitive, leading many athletes to push their limits to achieve victory.

Often the quest for greatness comes with disregard for well-being. This leads to increased chances of sports-related physical injury, the most common of which include hamstring strain, runner’s knee, rotator cuff injuries and back pain.

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation we can make sure whatever ails you will go away. We have experts in different fields of pain management including massage, chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture and rehabilitation.

Acupuncture in particular is becoming more and more popular as a treatment to sports injuries owing to its only slightly invasive nature. There is also no need to wait to heal after an acupuncture session as opposed to other procedures like surgery. Our acupuncture experts are certified in their practice and they use the best equipment, their needles are also just used once and never again.

The rehabilitation phase includes a full orthopedic and neurological examination. We use x-rays where necessary, working in conjunction with MRI technology experts for the best results.

We will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you are really ready to go back into the game.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, dabble in sports or just a weekend sports enthusiast we can help you get back to doing that thing you love again in no time. Visit our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office to help teach your sports injury with rehabilitation.