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Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation: Holistic Care for Stomach Problems

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is prepared to treat stomach problems from a holistic perspective. That is, to address stomach problems by viewing the patient as a whole and by stressing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, as well as the condition of the spine.

Our practitioners locate and eliminate the intrusions in the nervous system that can cause stomach problems (and other disorders). By fixing the misalignments in the spine that are at the root of these intrusions, the stomach can return to normal, healthy functioning. Medication is unnecessary with this treatment.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation’s chiropractors use a variety of established techniques to treat spinal misalignment. The facility uses the most advanced and effective methods, including Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), an innovative, scientific approach in which the overall posture of the spinal column is targeted for correction.

Targeting overall posture helps to align the spine with gravity, thereby helping to correct the spine and promote nervous system health. This technique was designed to eradicate symptoms permanently. It also provides temporary relief while working to remove the cause of stomach problems.

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