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Strength and the Power Plate

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, The Power Plate is proven to be an efficient training device to increase muscle strength. The whole body vibration produced by the Power Plate requires minimal exertion, is enjoyable and causes effects similar to that produced by resistance and explosive strength training.

Power Plate Acceleration Training at our Red Bank office produces positive outcomes for many patients who want to enhance their strength for the activities of daily living. The Power Plate can significantly enhance static, dynamic and explosive strength, both acutely and over time. There is also improvement with intramuscular and inter-muscular coordination, which means the body is firing more muscle fibers at the right time, in the right order and at the right speed.

The Power Plate provides all the benefits of strength and power training, without the dangers of heavy loading, particularly for patients who cannot tolerate loading but will benefit from strength gains. The Power Plate can be used in all strength training environments and for varied patients. Stressing your muscles for a few seconds on a Power Plate before lifting a weight can temporarily increase your strength, upping your lifting capacity and leading to more muscle gain in a shorter time.

Aging is associated with a decline in muscle mass and muscle strength, also known as Sarcopenia. This condition is directly linked to decreased mobility, loss of independence, increased falling and a diminished quality of life. Sarcopenia may contribute to many other age-related disorders. Our Power Plates can prevent and even reverse the loss of skeletal muscle mass due to growing age. It is also effective as a fitness program in order to enhance isometric and explosive knee extension strength, as well as to increase muscle mass of the upper leg.

Vibration from the Power Plate makes muscles contact quickly. Because of this, the body must recruit its most powerful muscle fibers to work, which in turn produces greatest force. However, because of the number of contractions that the body must do over time, we must also use our endurance and stabilizer muscle fibers.

To summarize: for gaining, toning and strengthening muscle, the Power Plate is ideal. The many effects the Power Plate’s vibrations have on the muscles of the body is extraordinary. Work outs on the Power Plate take half the time as a normal session and you work just hard, if not – harder. Call our office today to learn more about the Power Plate and can benefit your strength.