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Pain Management for Common Symptoms in Red Bank New Jersey

Pain isn’t always the only indicator that an injury or illness is present in the body. While pain is an important warning sign that must never be ignored, other symptoms—muscle weakness, numbness or ‘burning’ sensations, stiffness, and swelling—must also be addressed. When any of these occur, it’s time for a full evaluation and diagnosis from a pain management specialist.

Let’s take a look at some very common warning signs that may accompany the types of conditions treated in our New Jersey pain management office:

Back PainRadiating Pain
Lower Back PainShoulder Pain
Neck PainMuscle Pain
Knee PainTingling in the Hands; Hands Falling Asleep
Redness or Warmth in the KneePain, Numbness or Weakness in the Leg
Weakness / Instability in the Knee• Radiating Pain
Swelling of the KneesPain, Numbness, or Weakness in the Arm
Stiffness or Swelling of the JointsShooting Pains down the Leg
HeadachePain and Stiffness in the Neck
Hip PainDifficulty Moving the Head after an Auto Accident or other Trauma
Numbness or TinglingFoot Numbness / Tingling

The Medical Director at our Red Bank, NJ facility is board certified in Physiatry; this is a medical specialty that concentrates on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). Originally a chiropractic office, our facility incorporated a medical doctor into the practice in order to widen the scope of treatment options for our patients, which includes interventional procedures. Many interventional procedures (such as Epidural Steroid Injections or Viscosupplementation for knee pain) are performed with the goal of helping patients avoid unnecessary surgeries or excessive painkiller usage during the rehabilitation process.

Our entire team of practitioners works relentlessly to find and use the very best in pain management so that our patients never suffer needlessly; we are also focused on ensuring that all plans of pain management are not only effective, but also the healthiest, most conservative programs of care possible. Surgery is only recommended when every possible option has been exhausted.

We are also dedicated toward the goal of making pain management and rehabilitation a simpler, easier process for our patients. Rather than searching for multiple treatment options in separate offices, patients at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation find medical care, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic in one location.

Our office uses a variety of diagnostic tools in order to provide the very best in diagnosis, treatment, and management and/or resolution of a number of painful conditions. Our in-house diagnostic technology includes ultrasound and traditional x-ray. We also have a fluoroscopy suite (more on this below) and are able to read and interpret the results of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).