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Causes and Symptoms of Tendonitis

For the most part, tendonitis is an injury of overuse. For example, athletes are more likely to develop this condition than the average person because of the repetitive use of certain extremities. Tendonitis in the wrist may occur in office workers due to repetitive keyboard movements. Occasionally, tendonitis happens when a person begins a new activity or exercise that irritates the tendon.

The likelihood of tendonitis increases with age—tendon issues are more likely to occur in people over forty, since tendons are not as elastic or forgiving as they once were.

Tendonitis can be experienced as restricted movement, wherein affected individuals find it difficult to move the part of the body afflicted with this disorder. Other symptoms include:

• Pain when the tendon is under pressure (for example, when lifting weights);

• Tendon sheaths may become visibly swollen from an accumulation of fluid and inflammation;

• Pain when the affected area is moved or touched; and

• A burning sensation.