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Tennis Elbow and Acupuncture

The tendons most commonly affected by tendonitis are known for being some of the weakest structures in the body. Injury of any sort is common in these tendons specifically because they have a relatively poor blood supply. This fact exacerbates tennis elbow and other forms of tendonitis because the fibrous tissues require a solid blood supply in order to heal. Acupuncture accelerates the healing process by improving circulation and blood supply to affected areas.

Acupuncture is also focused on relieving pain. The practice of acupuncture helps with the release of the body’s natural painkillers (known as endorphins), which alleviate pain and inflammation. Through this process, patients also experience restored mobility.

The effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of tennis elbow is well documented. One study of 58 patients with tennis elbow shows the remarkable recovery that many patients experience with acupuncture. Of the 58 patients in the study (ranging in age from 27 to 73 years), 52% reported no tennis elbow symptoms up to six months following treatment. An additional 40% had ‘excellent’ outcomes following acupuncture treatment after six months.*