Tension Head Ache Treatment in Red Bank, NJ

Trigger Point Injections relieve tension headaches in Monmouth County!

Do you suffer from tension headaches? If you suffer from tension head aches our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office offers Tension Point Injections for Tension Head Ache treatment in Monmouth County. If you are interested in relieving your Tension Headaches learn more about our comprehensive treatment for head aches sufferers.

Tension headaches are experienced as a constant pressure on the head. They are distinguished from migraine headaches in that they produce a dull, non-throbbing ache and tightness in the head, and are usually felt on both sides of the head. The pain of a tension headache can range from mild to severe.

Tension headaches last approximately four to six hours and are either episodic or chronic. Episodic headaches occur on fewer than 15 days of any given month; chronic tension headaches are experienced for 15 days or more each month for at least six months. Both types of tension headaches can seriously restrict an otherwise healthy and active lifestyle.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for Tension Headaches

Patients suffering from tension headaches can benefit from treatment with a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist (also known as a Physiatrist). Physiatrists are nerve, muscle, and bone doctors that specialize in the diagnosis and non-surgical treament of pain.

In order to understand how a Physiatrist can help with tension headache pain, it’s important to know that muscle tension is a major cause of tension headaches. Factors such as stress, depression, fatigue, or poor posture can lead to muscle tension.

More specifically, myofascial trigger points—hypersensitive areas in the muscles—have been found to be a reason that people experience tension headaches. Trigger Points in the back, neck, and shoulders can cause headache pain. In some cases, the muscles themselves are not painful, but trigger points are still culpable for headaches. This is known as referred pain and is a major (and insidious) effect of myofascial trigger points.

Trigger Point Injections

A Physiatrist may recommend and perform Trigger Point Injections to break up trigger points and reduce muscle pain and spasms associated with tension headaches. This process involves an injection of a local anesthetic medication and/or cortisone into trigger points. To increase the precision and effectiveness of Trigger Point Injections, some Physiatrists (including the doctors at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation) use Ultrasound technology to guide injections with real-time, moving images of the affected areas.

Medical Treatment for Tension Headaches at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation

The Medical Director (Physiatrist) at our Red Bank, NJ office approaches every patient with the least invasive, most conservative treatments first. Toward this end, our practice incorporates massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.

Acupuncture is particularly relevant for headache sufferers. As a progressive facility dedicated to integrating the best of both Western and Eastern medical techniques for pain management, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation incorporates this ancient Chinese practice. Acupuncture encourages the body’s natural ability to manage pain by stimulating the release of endorphins, natural painkilling chemicals. This treatment also increases serotonin levels, which works to suppress the stimulation of nerve signals that cause pain.

Minimally invasive procedures—such as Trigger Point Injections—are used only when necessary to break the cycle of pain common to many tension headache sufferers. Toward this end, our Red Bank, NJ medical office features Ultrasound technology to ensure that the Trigger Point Injections performed at our office are accurate and effective.

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