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Tension Head Ache Treatment in Red Bank, NJ

Trigger Point Injections relieve tension headaches in Monmouth County!

Do you suffer from tension headaches? If you suffer from tension head aches our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office offers Tension Point Injections for Tension Head Ache treatment in Monmouth County. If you are interested in relieving your Tension Headaches learn more about our comprehensive treatment for head aches sufferers.

Tension headaches are experienced as a constant pressure on the head. They are distinguished from migraine headaches in that they produce a dull, non-throbbing ache and tightness in the head, and are usually felt on both sides of the head. The pain of a tension headache can range from mild to severe.

Tension headaches last approximately four to six hours and are either episodic or chronic. Episodic headaches occur on fewer than 15 days of any given month; chronic tension headaches are experienced for 15 days or more each month for at least six months. Both types of tension headaches can seriously restrict an otherwise healthy and active lifestyle.