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Finally! After years of yo-yo dieting I have achieved my weight loss goals, thanks to the Ideal Protein program.

In the past I have tried almost every “diet” out there, this program is different. I have learned to make lifestyle changes and what type of food choices to make.

Besides my weight loss (50 lbs. in 4 months!) I feel fantastic! My energy level has increased, and my aches and pains have disappeared.

The support I continue to receive from my coaches is unbelievable. They are so knowledgeable and they are my biggest fans. They are as proud of me as I am!

If I can do it, anyone can. Best program ever!

– Kathy F.




When I originally went to Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, it was because my knee pain got so bad that I was looking at this as a final resort before going for surgery. When I met with Dr. Dandrea, he confirmed the diagnosis of arthritis and suggested I enter into physical therapy, weight management and Hylagan injection therapy for the knee.

Before embarking on this course of treatment, I went to my family physician and shared with him the plan that Dr. Dandrea proposed. He gave me the go ahead saying that if this doesn’t work, he can easily write a script to get my knee replaced, but agreed that we try this first. His comment, around the weight management plan, and after looking it over, said that it seemed like a difficult diet but wished me the best of luck.

I began my treatment at the beginning of March with physical therapy, followed by beginning my knee injections and shortly thereafter began the weight management plan.

The staff at Monmouth pain have been totally supportive throughout the whole process. The physical therapy staff helped me through the difficult period of just getting my knee flexible again. Dr. Chang’s knee injection process was generally pain free. The results of which provided a dramatic improvement in flexibility and reduction of pain.

However the most dramatic improvement I gained was through the weight management program process. My family doctors’ comment, when he gave me approval to participate, indicated that this was a diet that has gained a lot of support in the cardiac treatment community. When I started the diet I weighed in over 285 lbs. at 6’ 0’’. I am still on phase 1 and have lost well over 50 lbs. in 5 months. The diet at first seemed difficult, but you rapidly get to appreciate its results when you see an average weight loss of 2-5 lbs. a week.

The really difficult part of this diet is that it is really a change of lifestyle. The team at Monmouth Pain have been there to listen to my triumphs and encourage me when I have a setback. In my case I travel every week and it sometimes is hard to accommodate everything you need to do while traveling. The lesson from this is that it has proven to me how generally bad restaurant food is for you and you quickly see how highly geared toward sugars and carbs most restaurants menus lean. The team at Monmouth Pain helped me with strategies that I have now embraced and am able to travel without much in the way of setbacks.

I am still around 10 lbs. from reaching my goal weight but I expect to reach it in the next couple weeks and move on to Phase 2 and 3. The biggest lesson is that this is not a diet but a general lifestyle change.

Today I have virtually no knee pain, fit in clothes I was about to throw out (and still probably need to do, since I am smaller than even the old clothes now) get comments from everyone on how well I look and I feel better than I have in years.

Monmouth Pain saved me from surgery and helped me regain a healthy lifestyle .

– John B.


After four years of yo-yo dieting and feelings of frustration, I finally found a program that works for me, Ideal Protein.

With the help from the staff at Monmouth Pain and rehabilitation I lost a total of 34 pounds in 13 short weeks!

I’m now able to fit into my size 4 pants that I stared at in my closet for years! I was given the confidence to meet my goal and I haven’t felt this good in years!

I am in my first week of Phase 2 and I’m excited to move forward as the “new me”

– Gina A.





“I’ve lost 27 lbs in a span of 6 weeks.”

I played for the University of Rutgers and spent a little time with the Detroit Lions and the New York Jets and finished my football career with the New York Dragons. Now that I no longer play sports competitively I spend my time training others and getting football players into shape and lots of athletes off to college to assist teams win state championships.

Ever since I stopped playing football about 7 years ago, I’ve really tried to focus on eating healthy and cutting my body fat down. So working out on a regular basis and eating healthy (well, I thought I was) I decided to get some professional help. That’s when I called a good friend of mine, Dr. Thomas Dandrea of Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. I went to him and told him what I wanted to accomplish and we worked towards my goal of cutting body fat and keeping my muscle mass and strength up. He started to tell me about the medically supervised nutritional program. Ever since I started the program I’ve seen quick results. I’ve lost 27lbs in a span of 6 weeks. When I started I was 270. Now, I am down to a lean 243, feeling good and looking good. Thank you Doctor D. for introducing me to this nutritional program. You have client and spokesman for life!

– Val Barnaby – Former football player and now an elite sports performance trainer.


“For me eating right isn’t just about being thin – it’s about having optimal health”

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation’s Medical Weight Loss Program was exactly what I needed to get back to healthy eating. I was able to lose sixteen pounds in six weeks time, meeting the weight loss goal I set for myself. Sixteen pounds may not seem like a lot to some, but at a height of 5 feet, I find that even a ten-pound weight gain can wreak havoc on my system. With the help of this sound and satisfying eating plan, I rarely felt hungry or deprived, especially once my sugar cravings were curbed. But besides losing pounds and inches, MPRs Weight Loss Program helped me feel better all over. I felt less irritation and pain in my joints, experienced fewer headaches, and best of all, eliminated any and all gastrointestinal upset. The plan showed me I feel my best when I limit sugar in my diet, and feed my body the fuel it needs.

For me eating right isn’t just about being thin – it’s about having optimal health. The program gave me the boost I needed to break some very bad habits/addictions and it’s given me new appreciation for food. I’ve tried dozens of diets, and I’ve learned that I am less likely to “cheat” on a diet and thus see faster results when I receive additional support from a nutritional counselor and am weighing in weekly to ch.art progress. There is something about being accountable to someone other than yourself that gives you that additional push you need. The program works, and the results are quick. However, ultimately, like all diets, the food choices you make are up to you. You have to be ready and willing to do the work necessary and make the changes you need to make in order to have the healthy body you deserve.

Lizbeth F.

*All Reviews & Testimonials were written with Consent by Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Patients with permission to publish. Results may vary depending on conditions, symptoms & Treatments.