Toothaches and Acupuncture in Monmouth County, NJ

Any person who has experienced a toothache knows that the pain can completely disrupt the simplest of activities, such as chewing or sleeping. Toothaches can range in severity from a mild sensitivity (such as when eating hot or cold foods) to extreme, throbbing pain.

Toothaches are often caused by tooth decay or injuries. There is also often a good deal of pain following dental surgery or tooth extraction.

Chinese Medicine and Toothaches

Acupuncture is a practice of Chinese medicine, which views the body somewhat differently than the Western medical tradition. This ancient practice understands that the body is made up of a series of interconnected channels (known as meridians) on which the body’s life force, or ‘Qi,’ flows.

Toothaches can be caused by a stagnation of circulation within the meridians that travel to the oral cavities. The meridians connected to the stomach and intestines are associated with the upper and lower gums of the mouth, respectively. Heat toxins may also be present along the meridians leading to the oral cavities; this leads to inflammation of the teeth and gums and results in pain.

Toothaches and Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an effective therapy for all types of pain, including the pain associated with toothaches. The treatment of acupuncture for toothaches involves detoxifying the meridians (removing the heat that is leading to pain and inflammation). The process also unblocks the flow of Qi and promotes better circulation and therefore healing in the affected area of the mouth.

Because toothaches are often indicative of poor health in other areas of the body, acupuncture is particularly helpful because it seeks to rebalance and harmonize the health of the entire body. Acupuncture also boosts the body’s immunity to prevent infection in the entire body.

Following a tooth extraction or other oral surgery, acupuncture can be a very helpful tool for those looking for natural, drug free methods of alleviating pain. Acupuncture helps with the release of endorphin compounds in the nervous system. These endorphins have opiate-like qualities and can work as natural painkillers to relieve toothache pain.

Acupuncture in Monmouth County

It’s important to ensure the credentials of any health practitioner; At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation (located in Red Bank, New Jersey) we offer New Jersey Certified Acupuncturists in the treatment of toothaches and other dental issues.

Please visit our Monmouth County office if you’re interested in learning more about maintaining your health with drug-free, holistic practices such as acupuncture.