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In a previous post, I explained how modern chiropractic began—how D.D. Palmer adjusted an abnormal vertebra in a man’s back and restored his hearing. That individual vertebral adjustment was just the beginning in the understanding and practice of chiropractic.

Today, many traditional forms of chiropractic (from Palmer’s days) are still in use. His work was based on the sciences of anatomy and physiology, and we know that his methods work—I have personally witnessed many recoveries from a variety of disorders with the use of traditional chiropractic.

Today, chiropractic is doing even more to help patients. A revolutionary form of chiropractic known as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) incorporates physics and biomechanics for better total posture and, ultimately, better health.

The Spine and Your Health

At its best, the human body is capable of doing amazing things. The spine is a perfect example of this—when the spine is in the optimal position, it requires very little energy to support a whole, heavy human body when standing. With proper maintenance, it is quite possible that the spine could last well beyond the normal age range for most people and should not experience degeneration.

Unfortunately, many people have spinal issues of which they are not even aware. Like any other determination of health (cholesterol levels, for example), there is an ideal range for spinal alignment. When the spine does not fall within this ‘normal’ range, it will degenerate faster.

Even worse, the spine is closely connected with the body’s central nervous system and therefore virtually every system of the body. When the spine is not correctly positioned, an amazing array of health problems can and will occur. These can include pain in the back, neck, and extremities, as well as arthritis, sciatica, stomach problems, headaches, and chronic fatigue syndrome (among many others). In general, it is not possible to experience good health when the spine is not in proper working order.

This is where Chiropractic Biophysics can help.

Rather than focusing on individual spinal misalignments (otherwise known as subluxations), CBP is implemented with the goal of creating optimal posture and spinal alignment as a whole. As a practitioner of CBP, I can tell you that the work of CBP certified doctors is to see not only the structural rehabilitation of the spine, but also clearly defined improvements in a patient’s overall health.

When a patient receives CBP treatments for a specific concern, I fully expect for that particular issue to be resolved. In fact, the success of our work with CBP is clearly documented—in the many patient testimonials on our Web site, as well as through the use of x-rays. Because we x-ray patients before and after CBP care, we can clearly view the structural rehabilitation of the patient’s spine and posture.

Holistic Treatment and Chiropractic Biophysics at Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation

At Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation, we treat the patient as a whole. In the same way that Chiropractic Biophysics treats the entire spine (as opposed to individual misalignments), our practitioners treat the entire body.

Toward this end, we not only practice traditional chiropractic as well as Chiropractic Biophysics, we also offer a number of holistic treatment options. These include physical therapy, laser therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

CBP and holistic treatment options can literally be lifesaving and life-changing; they can help to resolve many medical problems otherwise treated with drugs or invasive surgeries. In some cases, they work toward the resolution of issues that are poorly understood and only marginally treated by traditional medical practices.

To learn more about Chiropractic Biophysics or any other form of holistic care, please contact our Red Bank, New Jersey office.