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Electrodiagnostic Nerve Testing puts patients on the road to successful treatment and recovery.

When you think about the health of your body, how do you feel? I was recently reading an article that discussed something called ‘health anxiety.’ I hesitate to use the term ‘hypochondria’ because what I’m talking about is something different. For one thing, it isn’t categorized as a serious psychological disorder. Instead, health anxiety is escalating fear experienced in the face of very real physical symptoms. It is becoming an increasingly common problem.

Certain symptoms tend to cause more worry than others. In particular, I find that a lot of patients have concerns over numbness and/or tingling. For the most part, numbness and tingling are the result of nerve issues. Many patients become anxious when they fear the unknown, and often the cause or extent of nerve problems is unknown without proper diagnosis.

Generally speaking, numbness in any part of the body is the result of compression of the nerves. It can be caused by a wide variety of conditions, including arthritis, disc injuries, sciatica, or tendinitis. Numbness may also be the result of neuropathy associated with diabetes or vascular conditions. In any case, the right diagnosis is crucial in resolving or managing the conditions leading to numbness.

A ‘tingling’ sensation is also associated with disorders affecting the nerves. For example, tingling and numbness can occur in the hands and fingers when the median nerve (which runs from the forearm into the hand) is compressed. This condition is known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, what is causing your numbness and/or tingling? Fortunately, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Center can give you answers. Our Red Bank pain management office is Board Certified in Electrodiagnostic Nerve Testing.

Electrodiagnostic Nerve Testing is the gold standard in determining conditions affecting the nerves. With this definitive diagnostic tool, we can accomplish several objectives:

  • Determine exactly what is causing your numbness/tingling.
  • Create a personalized treatment plan for your condition that may include medical care, physical therapy, acupuncture (often used for pain relief), and chiropractic care (in many cases, numbness/tingling is caused by a poorly aligned neck).
  • Implement your individualized treatment plan. Monmouth Pain is a complete rehabilitation center that has incorporated a medical doctor specializing in pain management for musculoskeletal and neurological conditions; a fully equipped team of physical therapists; state-certified acupuncturists; and Chiropractic Doctors who are board-certified in the newest and most effective chiropractic techniques.


Stop Worrying at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Center

Knowledge is the greatest tool we have in improving and maintaining our health. In many cases, I’ve seen patients who have been previously treated for numbness/tingling without ever having a proper diagnosis. This treatment model makes very little sense to me, and usually causes worry for the patients themselves. With Electrodiagnostic Nerve Testing, we are able to pinpoint the exact cause of your symptoms so that the treatment process is no longer a guessing game—it is specifically targeted at the exact cause of symptoms.

Our Monmouth County pain management and rehabilitation office simplifies the entire recovery process by allowing patients the comfort of knowing that they will receive not only an accurate diagnosis, but also an integrated, multi-disciplinary treatment plan. Please contact our Red Bank, NJ office today if you are experiencing numbness or tingling to learn more about Electrodiagnostic Nerve Testing in Monmouth County.