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Red Bank patient discovers that strength matters when it comes to rehabilitation.

Low back pain is a major reason people visit my office. In fact, it is the second most common reason people visit a doctor every year. As the health of the population continues to improve—and lifespan increases overall—back pain persists as a widespread health problem.

Low back pain is often caused by work-related injuries or trauma. In some cases, it is the reason people cannot perform at work. One of our patients—a 35 year old nurse from Red Bank—was experiencing low back pain and, as a result, was having difficulty with lifting and the other physical requirements of her job.

The patient was suffering from excruciating pain and had trouble sleeping. She also experienced changes in normal sensation. For example, her right foot would occasionally go numb, while radiating pain traveled down her left leg.

The major culprit in this case was a lack of strength in her core muscles, the deep muscle layers that provide structural support for the spine. When these muscles are weak, or there is in imbalance in the core muscles, back pain is the usual result. Other problems associated with weak core muscles include poor posture and muscle injuries.

In many cases, weaker core muscles are associated with weight conditions, but this patient was of a normal weight—she simply wasn’t strong enough for the lifting required for her job.

We began by performing specific adjustments in the lumbar (lower) spine and pelvis; the purpose of this action was to reset the muscles so that we could begin a program of re-strengthening them. This core re-strengthening program involved improving balance and strength within the legs, lower back, and stomach.

Her rehabilitation program began in February of this year. By May, her low back pain and other symptoms were resolved. Today, she visits our office for regular maintenance to retain her strength and keep low back pain at bay.

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